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Polkadex Team

Polkadex has a diverse multicultural team led by 3 co-founders: Vivek Prasannan, Gautham J and Deepansh Singh.

Vivek Prasannan, Executive Director of Polkadex, has a Btech Computer Engineering degree. He is passionate about decentralized computing and has been actively following the blockchain and cryptocurrency community since 2013. He has researched and worked on a new BSIP (Bitshares Improvement Proposal) for Bitshares that will enable off-chain activities to be settled transparently on the blockchain and savings accounts to be created for the users that are locked for a certain time to enhance fund security. Vivek is an entrepreneur who has founded, developed and successfully exited two start-ups in cloud computing, infrastructure support, and fintech space. His engineering knowledge includes C++, RUST & Substrate Framework.

Gautham J, CEO of Polkadex, is currently in his 3rd-year of Btech Mechanical Engineering degree at the National Institute of Technology in Calicut, India. He has been at the forefront of distributed ledger technology since an early age. Gautham developed his own version of a consensus algorithm known as Pebble using Lamport’s vector clocks. The team of developers lead by Gautham received a blockchain innovation award from the BFSI sector by Banking Frontier. He has also co-authored an academic paper “Supply Chain Management and Predictions Using Machine Learning Models and Ethereum Network” which is currently being peer-reviewed. Gautham has extensive experience in GoLang, RUST, Python, C++ and Substrate Framework.

Deepansh Singh, COO of Polkadex, is a 4th-year Btech Chemical Engineering degree student at the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India. He has experience developing successful business strategies for multiple early-stage start-ups that made those companies profitable. One of the start-ups in his portfolio received the “Best Start-up” award from the National Institute of Technology Startup Conclave. Deepansh is also part of the Innovation Council for Universities in Kerala under the Government of India. Together with Gautham, he received an award for the innovative Pebble consensus algorithm that enables high throughput transactions in permissionless networks.

Polkadex is developed by a team of highly skilled specialists from all over the world. Our core development team consists of 15 engineers working on Polkadex core blockchain, Subtratee Enclave, High-Frequency Trading Orderbook, website and UI/UX frontend, and mobile application. For more details about our developers, you can also check pull requests on the Github branch

You can also find more details about other team members, advisors and investors on our website

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