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Withdraw from Polkadex Orderbook via THEA

  1. Once you have transferred funds from your Trading Account back to your Funding Account using the ‘Transfer’ function on the Orderbook ‘Balances’ page, you are ready to withdraw funds back to their destination network.
  2. Click ‘Withdraw’ on the asset you’d like to withdraw to navigate to the THEA interface.
  3. On the THEA interface, click ‘From’ to select your Funding Account wallet containing the balance you’d like to withdraw from Polkadex Orderbook. img
  4. Click ‘To’ and select the destination network you’d like to withdraw to as well as the destination network account. img
  5. Select the asset (and amount) you want to transfer to the destination network and click on the ‘Withdraw’ button.
  6. Confirm the details on the side window, click ‘Confirm Transaction’ and approve the transaction using your browser wallet to initiate your withdrawal. img
  7. After a built-in safety delay of 1000 blocks (roughly 4 hours), your withdrawal will travel from Polkadex to the Polkadex parachain, and finally to your chosen destination network via XCM messaging.
  8. Visit the ‘Assets’ tab on THEA or the ‘Balances’ page on Polkadex Orderbook to check your updated balances on the Polkadex network. img
  9. Check your wallet balance on the destination parachain(s) after the 1,000 block safety delay to see your withdrawal.