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Parachain, Integrations & Bridges

It is important for Polkadex to become a parachain in the Polkadot network so that it can reduce the cost of bringing tokens from the Ethereum network to Substrate. Becoming a parachain will also allow the trustless movement of these tokens.

In case Polkadex does not secure a parachain slot before the Mainnet launch, we will continue to run the project as a solo chain with limited functionality until we secure the slot. That said we applied for the parachain slot and are working on securing it as soon as possible.


Currently, the Polkadex project has the integrations & bridges with:

  • Chainbridge to bridge ERC-20 Tokens from Ethereum network until Polkadex secures a parachain.
  • Substratee to create TEE gateway for high-frequency trading
  • Openfinix integration on the Orderbook for assuring efficiency in high-frequency trading
  • Snowfork integration to bridge ERC-20 tokens to Substrate trustlessly will be active once we become a parachain.
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