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Polkadex Fungible Assets

Polkadex Fungible Assets allows developers and teams to issue tokens simply by sending a transaction in Polkadex, enabling them to issue tokens before their projects in Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems are fully deployed.

Key Features and Functionalities#

The tokens will have full ERC-20 functionality and an identity that can be approved by the governance showing support of the network. In the same way, as Twitter shows verified profiles the Polkadex governance will be able to approve and attest tokens. This will help to avoid fake tokens and allow our community to confirm certain projects. Tokens can have customizable vesting support from the date of registration. Teams can define a custom vesting period for each address. The tokens can move freely between their native parachain and other parachains. In Ethereum Network the transition will be done using ChainBridge. It will call a smart contract in Ethereum that can deploy an ERC-20 contract and mint or burn tokens sent between Polkadex and Ethereum networks, giving backwards compatibility. Polkadex Fungible Assets will be further enriched to support tokenizing company shares and other real-world assets.

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