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Step 2: Connect your Funding Account to Orderbook

  1. Once you’re signed in, make sure to connect your Polkadex account to Orderbook. Make sure to connect the account containing the funds you wish to trade.
  2. You can connect your account on your browser extension wallet by clicking on the top right corner ‘No wallet selected’ box or navigating to the ‘Wallets’ page (wallet icon in the vertical menu on the left of the screen). img
  3. In ‘Wallets’, scroll down to 'Funding Accounts'.
  4. Here, you'll see any and all your available Polkadex accounts from your Polkadot wallets in your browser extensions.
  5. Select the account you want to connect to the Orderbook by clicking on the 'Use in Orderbook' button. img
  6. Sign the pop-up message that appears. This grants permission for the Orderbook to access this account.