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Benefits of Polkadex Orderbook

Polkadex caters to traders who want to focus on getting the most advanced trading experience while keeping the highest level of security. Platform functionalities include:

  • Polkadex Orderbook allows traders to register multiple hot wallets on-chain (like the ones based on browser extensions, mobile phones, iPads, trading bots, etc.) to enable these wallets to place trades using funds in them. It is important to note that these hot wallets CANNOT withdraw or transfer funds to another account. They can only place, edit or cancel trades in the Orderbook. Polkadex Orderbook makes the trading process very convenient and secure at the same time.

  • Using Polkadex Orderbook traders can delegate their assets to a third party (asset management) to profit from algorithmic trading without trusting the third parties with full control over the trader's assets. It’s a great way to earn passive income by allowing your funds to be used for liquidity provision and trading.

  • Polkadex Orderbook allows institutions to execute bulk-buy and bulk-sell orders.

  • Traders can leave their assets in the exchange without worrying that the exchange might be hacked. Thereby traders can save on fees associated with moving their funds in and out of the exchange every time they need to trade.

  • Polkadex Orderbook will support all the favourite trading bots of our community.

  • Traders can buy and sell any ERC-20 tokens and other Substrate projects before Polkadex becomes a parachain. As soon as Polkadex becomes a parachain we will also support any tokens issued on Kusama, Polkadot and other DOT ecosystem projects that use Substrate.


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